Under the light of Paris Van java

From saturday to yesterday i went on vacation to the heaven of shoppaholic..Bandung. i went there with my luvly family..well, almost a year i haven’t gone to bandung..so when my foot got the first step in that land..i just muttering, “how could Bandung be this hot?”, i know this city is known becoz of the cool air there..but yesterday, everything aren’t the same as it were. kinda sad becoz of it 😦

Well,back to the story..we rent a comfortable inn near Gasibu fo 2 nite. The inn was surrounded by grass field, full of big trees everywhere, so not that hot there. but as i walk out the inn, the light of the sun quickly attack me. But in the night the air suddenly getting cold, the rain fell with shy..it was beautiful.. ^-^

Any place i went??Many..i go to Bandung Trade Centre, Gedung Sate, Dago, Dipati Unus, Pasar Baru..many places. You know, as i am a lady, what can i say…i just SHOP..SHOP..and SHOP..till i dropped,hehehe… 😀

Something missing is that we couldn’t go to Lembang coz the time wasn’t enough for us to went there. We’re really get in hurry (you know..what a 3 days 2 nights in bandung could offer us??)

Anyway, despite that..i got lots of fun there (especially coz my beautiful niece took another big step for her cleverness, she can sing one-full song now!!)
Long weekend now gone..back to routines.Hell yeah, i’m deadly bored!!!

2 thoughts on “Under the light of Paris Van java

  1. Wed….! Koq ente gak bilang-bilang pergi ke Bandung??? Kan akyu bisa say hello sama ente and ketemu face to face…. Kapan ke Bandung teh?? Akyu kayaknya waktu itu lagi sibuk SP kali yah? Maklum, akyu juga manusia yang memiliki NASAKOM (Nasib satu koma) dalam kuliyah….Hehehehe

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