SToRy aBouT a SKiRT

When i went to Bandung i bought a black skirt. i’m deadly fallen with thic beautiful gothic skirt. and of course it was not expensive. So one day (saturaday nite) i met my boyfriends, he picked me at campus. he drove a car. We went to his house, according to the plan,we will watch “Closer” (natalie portman), but unfortunately he got a guest coming to his house. So, the plan was delayed. We just chat & joke each other till evening. After we pray, we went home..but now, hee took me home by a motorcycle!! πŸ˜€ his mom had shout that he didn’t suppose to drive me with it coz i’m wearing skirt (and for God sake i haven’t wear a skirt again for more that 2 years!!) & it looked like the rain’s gonna fall. But he – with goddamn hi-self confidence – said that it all wouldn’t happen & everything’s gonna be okay.

Well…by now i’m pretty sure that every mother’s words is a pray. First bad thing we got is about a kilometer from his house, close to the traffic light, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET (Hahaha..yeah, i’m getting hiperbolic now) my skirt STUCKED in the motor’s wheel!! My God..i was sreaming so loud and i didn’t realize that the traffic light turned to red and suddenly all people surround us were staring at me. With a don’t-understand-look..wanna-know-look…annoyed-look..feel-sorry-look..i don’t know,and i don’t care! What i really care that time was he stop the motor right away & pull out my fuckin skirt that was stuked in the wheel..

So that..was the FIRST one. The second?? Okay..i’ll continue the story
He pull the motor to the zebra cross to check my & my skirt condition. My skirt was torn, but not that still can be fixed. My condition? Hm…i were shaking, my knee were shaking, my heart was beating fastly, dizzy, spinning..i don’t know. i was thinking for the worst, that if he didn’t stop the motorcycle immediately, i could have fallen, we both could have fallen..and there can be an accident or anything bad happened. i was thanked Allah for this..
And then when he checked all condition & tried to calm me down..suddenly THE RAIN FELL !! Okay..i thought i can’t cry or mad anymore coz all these had full up my head. So i’m just me, at him, at my destiny (haha..hiperbolic again :D). He suggested to go back to his house to change my cloth & to take a car. His Mom & sister was laughing at us hardly, until his mom looked at my skirt..”oh My God, what happen to the skirt? oh i’m so sorry dewi, i thought you were just get wet coz of the rain,i wouldn’t laughing at you if i knew that you got an accident”. Yeah rite..if you’re not my boyfriend’s mom,maybe i’d be mad at you :p

His father gave me a black cargo pants to wore, while my skirt was fixed by his mom. Hey..and you know what? He gave me another black skirt!!! So i got two gothic-black skirt now,hohoho..I got 2 present, but he’s the birthday boy..and i haven’t give himany present. One reason is becoz this freakin accident. Hmm..sometimes an accident brings you a luckiness.. πŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “SToRy aBouT a SKiRT

  1. Hiks..hiks..iya nih.Untung gw gapapa,ga sampe kejadian kecelakaan gitu.Rok yg kesrimpet itu ada di album foto “Bandung” gw yg gw pake kmeja item daleman ijo.Kalo yg baru gw blm sempet foto2.Jadi rok lama yg dijait nyokapnya cowo gw itu ternyata jadinya “straight” A line lg.Padahal gw demennya rok A Line 😦
    But it's oke lah..dapat yg baru ini,lucu lg hehehe..(Ntr gw foto pake itu,atau kita ketemuan aja dunk!!) ^-^

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