The wind blowed my face
Dried my tears
But couldn’t do anything to integrate this puzzle back

This puzzle has been torned to pieces
Been ripped out like a dozen useless trashes
I looked upon the cold breezing stars

Spread out…No shape
Just like the puzzle..

The puzzle of my heart

This freedom of mine

Has gone with my tears
This freedom of the human

Has been stolen by the gun

I tried to blocked those screams
And convinced myself that everything’s okay
I tried not to turning back

And acted like they were fine

Those bloods..And i fell
Those piece of fleshes..And i cried

Those screams..And i hurt

This freedom..Of mine has gone

Of them has gone…

God Almighty…
Secure them, love them


Holy Allah..The Merciful

Open the window of heaven for them
Unlock their jails


Free us..
Free them…

For the FREEDOM !!

The freedom itself


For my families in Palestine & Lebanon
You’re the lover of Allah…Children of heaven
Freedom is distinctly one step forward
Don’t give up Syuhadas…Our freedom
May Allah S.W.T always guide you..



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