Malibu (Edited by me)

One of my frenz offered me to send the recent photos of mine to a Muslim magazine. She said if i could meet their interest, i could be their mag models. So i went to Malibu (they have the best edited photo, in my opinion :D) and took these 2 pics (Actually there’re 6..and 4 of them were my fave, but then i just took 2. my budget in this lately month is dying :D)

actually i couldn’t send these photo which had been edited (Look..i have blue eyes,haha what a great world!) of course they can guess it had been edited by me in the power of photoshop , but for some times i was actually have that crazy send this edited photo for them,hehehe..

Nawh!!..just sent the natural one, let they picture me in nudely-face..see if i have the “photogenic-looking-even-w/o-makeup” thing



44 thoughts on “Malibu (Edited by me)

  1. Huhuhuhu..Thanx Sis. ini juga dadakan mo fotonya, ternyata keren jg jadinya,padahal awalnya ga pede jg difoto didepan amang2 tukang foto yg jumlahnya ampe 3org,hihihi…;p
    Coba aja Bu..foto bareng lucuw juga ye ;p

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