Stupid Billboard

Saturday evening, Sept 16th…
Me and my boyfriend were spending time together, and then he walked me home. On his way home (near LIA Kelapa Gading), he saw a big billboard showing an advertisement. Thinking that it’s just a common billboard, he continued his journey. But after a serious thought, he suddenly pulled over and checked the billboard once more to make sure to what he saw.

And there it was..A huge billboard with a huge caption said, “Paket Lebaran Special. Free 500kg SEMEN + Free Desain + Diskon Ongkos Pasang” may won’t see what’s weird with this caption. He – too – didn’t realize until he read it for the 3rd time. Well, if you’re Indonesian, I think you’ll say it’s okay to write “Free 500kg Semen”..but if you’re a western, you’ll say there’s something odd with the sentence..becoz if you want to write SEMEN (Indonesian language) in English, it should be “cement” BUT, as i know, the word “Semen” in English means..well, it means man’s body liquid which came out with the sperm *blushed*
Imagine…500Kg of Semen?! Wow! How many men should be needed to produce 500kg of semen?

Hihihi…I couldn’t stand to laugh loudly hearing this from my boyfriend. Excitedly he took the picture the day after, before going to his office ๐Ÿ˜€

That “Monalisa Tile” company should hire a better marketing-team than what they have now..If they don’t want to disgrace their own company.. ๐Ÿ˜€

– Goddess –


7 thoughts on “Stupid Billboard

  1. Huahahaha…. gw punya satu attachment tentang customer care IM3 yang dapet telepon dari a hundred percent psychopath! i think i'm gonna post it now in here… it's completely freaky.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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