i think i have enough!!!!!

i never know what future holds for me…

i never can predict what the rest of my life would be…

i just know this…i’m living my life as i should be

i do what i should do, i run for what i wanna reach

i be for what i am…

i won’t be what people ask me to be…

someone else but me…

Yeah…someone else but me

* in blue… *



5 thoughts on “i think i have enough!!!!!

  1. it's not that tough coz basically i never give a damn care for what people say bout me coz they know me nothing. But i do care when i was forcefully pull in someone's problem deeply…when actually i never wanna interefere her problem. Now i've stay away from her, let her now that she's one of a kind like she's always yelled about. i just want her know that i'll do what i wanna do & no one can stop me, no matter how hard they try…

    Thanx btw bro..that helps a lot ^-^
    i already through it, but i think she hasn't
    Well, it's her problem, not mine ^-^

  2. Well, i think – for this time – this is the best way for both of us. If we keep continuing the relationship, i'm afraid there'll be more and more similiar journals with the same topic. We'll make it worse, despite the fact that all we should do is learn from our bad experiece about friendship. Well, time heals all wounds…hopefully.

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