I gave up!!

Finally…my body can no longer carry over all duties i have. Last night after the class i went to Takor (Campus’ cafeteria), bought a drink & had a chat w/ my friends. Suddenly i felt dizzy & my hands were shaking badly. Hurriedly i run for Ojek & went back to my dorm…

I was so stubborn that i thought i still have a little power to go to an internet center to check my email etc..but just 30 minutes later, i couldn’t stand anymore. I ran out the internet center’s front door and found the nearest drain..then i threw up, so many *sigh*

I think i’m so exhausted & got chilled in my tummy…i carry too many tasks to do & has been ignoring my healthiness. aaarrghh it felt so awful, you couldn’t even stand up steadily…

God, i hope i won’t get ill for the next couple days..coz i’m gonna face mid test next week & i won’t be able doing the test with a bad health…


Hhh…i feel like sleeping as long as i can, but i can’t. Hiks hiks…be patient Wed..be patient *sigh*



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