Goddess’ 22nd Birthday ^-^

Start:      Nov 15, ’06 12:00a

Make a wish…Be a better peson every single second
Pray..thanked Allah to all blesses that He has given to me


24 thoughts on “Goddess’ 22nd Birthday ^-^

  1. yay! scorpio baby! hehe
    mine will be on the 9th though.
    thanks for the advance wishes. hehe
    i pray and hope for the same goes for you.
    you take gd care ya.
    hughug* :))

  2. Bersabar emang sedikit susah..apalagi kalo kita orang yg emosional dan tempramen..tp sebenarnya bersyukur ga susah sama skali, cuma kadang kita ga bs/lupa ngeluangin bahkan 1 menit aja untuk diam & ngomong sama Allah dalam hati and say “Thanks God..Your the best” 🙂

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