Sometimes what u get doesn’t always go with what u’re expecting…And i’m sad becoz of it

– Goddess –

Blue is the color of mine for this time,maybe..Well, let the sky fly me high then
R.I.P (Rest In Problem)



8 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. thats the fact that we need to always know as we shldnt expect too much as it may not turn out how we want it to be and we will fall and hurt ourself.. but that doesnt mean you shld stop believing and have a lot faith.

    i know it's easy to say than done.
    so i just hope you stay strong
    and dun stop believing.

    have a lot.
    take gd care dear.

  2. Whew..Thanks a lot for ur advise, dear. I know i should have known my own strengths and weaknesses. But sometimes I can't help it, and I start to cry or just sit down, do nothin..feel nothin. And i hate that kinda feelin, I feel useless and powerless.

    But now i'm fine, every bad experience teaches good lesson, right? And I think I already got that lesson.. 😉

    Thanks sis (>.< )
    *kiss & hug*

  3. Betul bang..betul banget!!

    Kita aja manusia yang gada puas2nya sama apa yang udah kita punya (padahal kadang2 yang kita punyai melebihi dari apa yang bisa terlihat oleh mata, dan belum tersentuh oleh hati)

    Thanks for ur wise word..ihwan?is that right..ur real name? Kaya gue dong, dewi jadi iwed, hehehehe… ^-^

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