Turning Point

Giving up…

Let it go…

Let it flow…


Got to slow down

Enjoy every step

Every breath that I catch


The time when you pull out the brake

It’s the time when you wanna turn around

And go…

I know…


But now I understand

And accept it, I can

With a wide smile ‘till the end


I’ve reach my turning point.


– Goddess –


PS: I made this entry when my love-life getting worse ;p



4 thoughts on “Turning Point

  1. Uh huh.. My life is too beautiful and too precious to waste. I think I just let it flow like what God wants 🙂 What is important is I can still have fun go mad..in my own way of course, hehehe..

    I'm the only survivor in this land… (Lacuna Coil – To myself I turned)

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