Most-wanted Lists

1. Watch “Deja Vu” (Denzel Washington getooohhh…Pacar gue maen film lagi,hehehe)
2. Watch ERAGON!!!!!!! (Kudu!! Wajib!!)
3. Watch “Boo”
4. Watch Jiffest
5. Ke salon sama Anna (si calon manten muda), hair changing!!
6. Have fun go mad sama anak2 Mari_chan (Miss ’em to death!)
7. Beli jeans
8. Kenalan ma (ehm..) temennya Mirna yang super lucu itu, hehehe… (Nama masih di rahasiakan, halahh..)

Photo: Mari_chan (Click to see our site)
From left-right: Iwed, Mirna, Rika, Anna
Photo was taken at Platinum, Kelapa Gading Mall


16 thoughts on “Most-wanted Lists

  1. Ciiiwwww…prikittiiwww….Wawawawawwww….

    Kok jadi kaya di Ragunan yah? Huahahahahaha!!!!

    iya lucuuuuuu…gue pernah ketemu nih cowo waktu gw nemenin Mirna sidang ke FT UI (sekelas sama Mirna). Eh kata Mirna tu cowo nanya2in soal gw. Pas gw liat foto dia di Buku Wisuda tahun ini, anjrit…Cakep mampus!!! Hahahaha… *gatel mode on*

  2. Whew,,,they're my lovely friends. We've been friends for ages (Me and Mirna are friend since we were 3 years old!!)
    Yes, since we're busy with our own activities, we can hardly meet. Only can hang out on weekend..So I miss them very much 😦

  3. I did go to Jiffest last sunday, unfortunately we've ran out the ticket :((

    So we just watched a documentary film called “Mozart's Balls”, a film that gives us the reality of some Mozart's biggest fans in some countries. Quite shocking, knowing that there's a woman who claimed herself as the reincarnation of Mozart 🙂 yet it's still an interesting movie..

  4. So they had to call it Mozart's Balls?? Lovely…there's a movie w/ Steve Martin called California Story where he went to a museum that had a jar w/ Beethoven's Balls in it….hahahaaa…glad they didn't show that in Mozart's Balls….& some lady said she was the reincarnation of Mozart? Fine, but can she write music? 😉

  5. Uhm…I think u got it wrong about the title of the movie. it's Mozart's Ball, but never think about seeing some “balls” in it (hahahaha…) coz Mozart's ball is – foremost – a name of a chocolate brand in that country. Uhm..i forgot wat's the reason the producer gave such title to the movie. I think it's more of funny and silly reason..

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