I’m back…
With my pants lift up a bit
Wearing crappy slipper and a casual shirt
And a black umbrella in my right hand

I’m back
With my bones almost cracked
My muscles gone coiled
And my breath almost gone

I’m back
Left my house a mess
With shitty trashes all over the place

I’m back
After God Almighty gave us that flood

I’m back..Alive
Thank God


16 thoughts on “Back

  1. iyah…wong ini jg mnrt BMG blm puncaknya. Katanya ujan kaya gini masih lanjut sampe akhir Feb dan puncaknya maret. BMG kan manusia2 jg yang perkirain, bisa salah..ya ga sist (tp sbnrnya gw takut jg sih dengernya)

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