Never can get to know you
Never even had a chance to ask to
You’re just like a dark shadow
Watching me secretly through my window


Be a shoulder to cry on
Be a direction to lean on
Be a soul to lay on
Be a spirit to move on


When all maturities are doubtful
And sanity is getting out of its way
This misty-look darkness covers my sight
Never to walk steadily without…


Haunting me like a phantom
Guarding me like an angel
Following me like a spy
Caring me like a lover

Simulacra…who are you??

– g –

PS: For Simulacra…someone who might always be the simulacrum to me. I’m longing to see you, when will you reveal yourself? I just wanna say – to all your wise advises and your kind spirit – Thank You…


20 thoughts on “Simulacra

  1. wew,, wonderful,, may i give my “think” to you?? if i look to your site's, its refleftion to my past, when i still “joined” with “the back metal community” do you know “pintu keramat” from clg,, yups, its my undergrounder band,,,…yeah,,, keep “scream” bro

  2. Pintu Keramat? Hmmm…never heard that bro, still exist or not? Trus sekarang udah ninggalin dunia black metal dunks?
    Thanks for the compliment, senior..hehehe. Gw orang baru sih di gothic community ^-^

  3. Simulacrum (plural: simulacra), from the Latin simulare, “to make like, to put on an appearance of”, originally meaning a material object representing something (such as a cult image representing a deity, or a painted still-life of a bowl of fruit).

    Penggunaan kata simulacra di blog lo ini, cukup oke juga ^_^

  4. my last “performance” at pandeglang “bawah tanah” parties community at 2001, and i had “left” from these world since 2002,, kayaknye sich dah bubar,, kita dah pada sibuk ngurusin kehidupan masing2…,,, hem …”kiblat” musik kita sechh, ke “hellgod”,, tau dunk,, otre dech,, ach, disini gak ada senior2-an khan…,, keep “scream”

  5. Wah…lengkap banget penjelasannya!! Hehehe,thx bro 😉
    Simulacra itu “dia” sendiri yang buat. Sampe sekarang gw blm pernah ketemu dengan simulacrum gw ini..Padahal he's been a very nice friend to talk to 😦

  6. ^-^ Thanks dear…
    Sering2 nulis deh walaupun cuma iseng dan gatau apa yang mo ditulis. Kalo sering2 dilatih tangan dan imajinasi pasti ada aja ide nulis…yakin deh 😉
    Natural talent juga perlu lho..

  7. No no no sist..I'm not in love w/ him. Gue cuma pengen ketemu orangnya dan say thanks langsung ke dia. Selama ini dia udah banyak kasih masukan, saran dan spirit ke gw (hanya lewat blogger) dan memakai nama samaran pula. But somehow I know that he's a good men…

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