Fast poem-making

The desirable anxiousness covered by the reddish half-naked
mind, drown in the most absurd way where comprehensiveness is doubtful and there’re
no other ways to keep it still on the surface. I swallowed all these superstitious
propagandas, memorized them like an old ashy photo album which never tells with
its shapeless mouth and its unspoken words what lies beneath it. I swallowed them
unquestioned. And I died unnoticed…

I died by my own ghastly desire… My own boundless thought

– g –

[Photo’s taken from “Fotosearch”]

8 thoughts on “Fast poem-making

  1. *blushed blushed*

    Thank You sista ^-^
    Gatau ini aja aku bikinnya ngga sampe 3 menit, sambil nungguin jam makan siang habis. Tiba-tiba kepikiran aja pengen bikin kalimat ginian ;p

  2. Mantaplah pokoknya,aku pernah punya kaset Kompilasi Metalik Klinik 5 salah satunya ada band ini dengan judul lagu “Hampaku Menanti”, gothic doom, tipe2 Theater Of Tragedy.
    aku juga lagi download ini, sluuurrrrppp…….ahhh :-))

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