When the darkness goes out

Indeed, there’ll be nothing really new from this blog comparing with my older blog (click here to see). What makes it different is that… Well, this blog is the “bright-side of Goddess”… something more cheery, colorful and “normal” in my writings. I will put only something cheerful, only something normal (not like my older blog which shows – mostly – something dark, something Goth). Maybe u can call this blog as “normal girly girl called Dewi”, hehehe..


– g –

8 thoughts on “When the darkness goes out

  1. Hew hew hew… Thanks udah mau spending time a bit untuk ngeliat blog gw ^-^
    Yah… itu blog khusus untuk seneng2an, apalagi kalo gw lg fall in love. isi blog-nya bakal lari kesini semua, wekekekek…

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