God is fair

I’ve seen him clearly… Wanders the world with his amazing idealism. He walks steadily with a face full of pride. Nothing could stop him for being such an adorable person with such a modest personality. He learns anything, sees everything and hears every sound by his own perspective. He comes and goes by his own will. He makes love with every woman he thinks interesting.

And then I try to see myself… Wander the world with shy attitude. Being trapped on a self-confidence problem. People see me as an arrogant mortal, while the fact is I’m being quiet becoz of my unknowingness. I learn a lot, regardlessly think of the consequences that might occur. I refuse to hear and see something that I think it’s not worth it. I’ve grown up being a conservative person. I refuse to make love, I refuse to admit that I’m falling in love and I refuse to show someone that I’m in love with him.

Then I see her… Woman of wonder. She can control anything – including him. She can make him fall for her and she can easily break his heart. Her wisdom is spreading around like the falling leaves in an autumn season. She’s the wind, a breezy rain. She believes only herself, no one goes out from her life leaving any priceless memories. She has stones thought, artsy touch and dovish move. She makes love with him… Then she leaves him.

I compare myself with her. Thinking of how much the differentiation between us. How can the heat compared with the fire? How can a woman with brain beat the brain itself? So she walks with him, and I stay… Left behind them.

Then I met this person. A cheerful man. A living veracity full of smile and positivism-mind. An anonymous-look, anonymous-person and anonymous-personality. He wanders the world with full honesty and genuineness. Modesty is him, learning life in solitude. He worships relationships and he treats woman like a diamond. He pulls me to one endless circle, shows another kind of world that I’ve never seen before. He moves slowly but with certainty that he would never leave me in an unconditional hesitation. He doesn’t walk in front of me or behind me. He walks beside me with our hands binded. He’ll make love with me, only if he had make sure of one thing…

And that is L.O.V.E
So I try to walk with him… Side by side
Soon I realize, God is so fair

– g –

22 thoughts on “God is fair

  1. kok tau sih kalo aku suka naik getek,,, kayaknya romantis tuh kalo berdua…he he he

    ya udah,,, have a nice weekend ya…
    bersenang2 lah sana,,,
    jangan lupa kondisi badan,,, sok kuat terus sih,,

    salam buat orang2 jakarta..

    *nyanyi dulu ah, “tunggu lah aku,, di jakartamu…”

  2. Akhirnya…Masa hibernasi sebentar lg akan berakhir. Besok kerja lagi deyh (fiuhh..)
    Hehehe, alhamdulillah udah agak mendingan. Paling flu2 aja nih…

    Getek?Romantis? Uhhmmm…iya sih, asal ga peka acara nyebur aja 😀

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