I present
this to you costless

You can
see it all over on this reckless desire

Like an
open gate at the dark mansion without guardians

wrapped my heart with steeliest wall

Locked it
up with a spell that only you can tell

I’m this
nude… I’m this weak

Standing within

What’s on
the world has given you that light?

When it’s
all I wander in my dark paths

That “lost”
is the only word best describe the end of my journey

I’ve been
an escapee

Built my
own world when I no longer found conformity on the other one

And you’re
my escapism…

You’re my

You’re my

As I always
harassedly need you in a lethal dosage

harshly and haunting my fragile heart like a ghost

I’m whipped…
by my climax… my orgasm…

By Y.O.U

– g –


39 thoughts on “Whipped

  1. ngeriiiiiii, pura2 gak tau aja loe?!….hehehe,umhhhh… your words is lethal weapon….poison ivy….roses thorn….napalm death….eh salah deadly napalm,hihhi…*napalm death,sayang gw gak bisa nonton konsernya di jakarta kemaren*….pembunuhlah pokoknya!! mantaappp..!;-)

  2. Huahahaha…sumpah gw ga ngeh kalo bahasa loe sok di imut2in gituh, hihihi…

    kalo mau pembunuh beneran itu Maniac vokalisnya Mayhem yang bunuh temen band-nya sendiri habis itu dia bunuh diri. Udah gitu setelah mati , mayatnya difoto ma gitarisnya Euronymous trus dijadiin cover album mereka (judulnya gw lupa)

    That's a real nerdy pervert killer!! Hehehe… Sinting lah pokoknya Mayhem itu

  3. wakakakakakkkk….gw dibilang imutt….ihhhhh, kata yg gw benci..hehehe…tapi ya agak imut memang komen gw, gak tau napa, biar ada variasi aja kali 😉 Ohh…itu, Sven Erik Kristiansen a.k.a Maniac, di Norway emang ngeri2 orangnya…>-) maksud gw, kata2 loe dahsyatttt…!

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