First performance on metal stage

Saturday night
Wapress Bulungan

My first performance on metal stage with my band GELAP. it was one of the blasty gigantic awesome experiences i’ve ever had!!! Finally I could fulfill my dream to be on one stage with RINSDARK after long time waiting…. You rawk sist!!!

And for my GELAP family, u guyz were awesome last night [apalagi Harry, CADAS man main drum loe!!! Ampe meringding gw. aL of PURGATORY aja sampe kagum sama loe & ngomong ke Rinsdark “Rins, jangan loe lepas itu drummer loe, kacau man si Harry. mantabh!!], hehehe…

Thanks for AGNI, CHIMMY, WABE, RIYO, ANGEL yang udah bela2in dateng cuma untuk support GELAP. Love u guys, my dark legions

*lusty kisses*

– g –

NB: Working on the photos rite now. Will post them tomorrow

25 thoughts on “First performance on metal stage

  1. Thank you dear brother… Unfortunately I didn't bring any handy-cam to memorized this event. But I guess the committees did recording our performance that night. Guess I'm gonna ask one of them the recording πŸ™‚

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