I’ve been tagged by ‘nocturno’

Undang-undang Tag:

  1. Each blogger must post these rules.
  2. Each blogger start with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. Blogger that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post this rules . at the end of your blog, you need to choose 8 peoples to get tagged and list their names.
  4. Don’t forget to live them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged to read your blog.

Oke, let’s start:
1. I’m an all-kind-of-food-vora… I can’t live without eating. Therefore, I’m a big failure when it comes to DIET

2. Internet maybe is my FIRST BOYFRIEND… I’m online almost everyday and I always feel there’s something missing if I don’t online in one day

3. I love CRISTINA SCABBIA and MIYABI. They’re the prettiest and SEXIEST woman in the whole wide world!! If I were a lesbian, I would pick a girl with that kind of type

4. I love being in the DARK. I never can sleep with even a tiny little light in my bedroom. Darkness comforts me. Indeed, I never feel comfort with too much flashy light [be the center of attention] attacking me

5. I LOVE RAIN…. I always let my imagination get wild everytime I stare at the rain, esp. with lightning painting the grey cloudy sky

6. I AM GODDAMN LAZY!! My mom almost get depressed seeing her only daughter behaves like a boy; messy bedroom with soccer-theme bedsheet; posters of footbal-player in every side of the wall, messy toilette, get up late and stay up all night; awake in the midnite watching football game; hardly sweep my bedroom floor; dirty clothes all around the corner. I am a mess…

7. I hate woman’s emantipation! That’s a big bullshit for me. Why do woman have to shrinking their level by shouting about the same rights with men? Indeed, woman are stronger than men, we don’t need any admission about our strength and rights because we are who we are. Woman can carry thing called baby in their embryo for 9 months and then they give birth, woman can raise 10 children at one time, woman can get to the highest peak of the highest mountain, woman can do the house-care all by herself, woman can have good career to support their own life. While man… they even can’t stand to iron their clothes more than 15 minutes. Now tell me, who’s the man then?

8. Coffee is my painkiller. So does music and sleeping…

That’s all I guess, hehehe… Now I wanna tag:
1. Gothmina
2. Michael
3. Hellmeed [bang Anjas udah kan?]
4. Youlee
5. aL
6. Nadia
7. Siti [Cloudshader]
8. Wati [Satanycandle]

~ iwed ~


17 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged by ‘nocturno’

  1. hahahha, biasa deh cewe2 asia drama queen banyakan, terlalu dieksploitisir! heheheh
    tapi kasian juga liat si Miyabi, seringan dikeroyok ma Nippong Bastards yang beraninya main keroyokan itu, coba ma gw, I'll treat her gently, aheuheheu :-)) *assik… dah buka puasa* :-p

  2. Iya ya bo… Dia kok kayanya demen banget maen keroyokan gitu? Heran gw… Mending juga asik diliatnya, gw sebagai sesama cewe kok jadi sering “ngilu” gituh liat dia dikeroyok rame2 gitu, huehehehehe…

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