Going to…

Yeah, I did love them so fvckin much back then in teenage time [never interested in boybands, never!!]. Now they’re launching their latest reunion album called “Spice Girls: The Greatest Hits.”

And you know what? I’m goin to buy that album, immediately!

Oh yes I am, LOLS


2 thoughts on “Going to…

  1. heheheh…beli aja Wed, manatau nanti Gelap bisa buat lagu cover version dari salah satu lagunya Spice Girls ini, kan banyak tuh band2 Metal yang mengcover lagu2nya band2 pop, Seperti My Dying Bride dan Type O Negative yang mengcover lagunya ABBA, Madonna dan Britney Spears. Masih banyak lagi lah pokoknya….Kaya 'Viva Forever' tuh kayaknya bagus kalo di-Gothic in…:-)

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