Gigs at UMJ & AACC Building

These are pictures of us playing in two stages in a week. First was in Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta [UMJ] in Ciputat at Dec 13 and the second was in AACC Building in Bandung at Dec 16. I can say that our second performance was better than the first one becoz in the first stage, we all felt very exhausted on that night coz we just finished the work-thing in the whole day. So we couldn’t maximize our energies anymore, but anyway it all turned out good and alhamdulillah many people liked that.

So there, enjoy…

[All pictures in this album are copyrighted by me. Please do not copy them without my permission first. Thank you…]



17 thoughts on “Gigs at UMJ & AACC Building

  1. U know what? Sebenernya justru Rince yang dipanggil Eva Arnaz, krn dia yg paling tante2 diantara smua. Dan “kesksian”nya 11-12 sm Eva arnaz. Tau maksud gw dengan “keseksian”?

    Loe kan hidup dr jaman Eva Arnaz mba, tau dong maksud gw, hehehehe….

  2. Seru Poel, Amor sampe iri ama gw “Enak banget Wed udah maen di Bandung. Purga aja blm pernah maen di Bandung”

    Geboren cm denger suaranya dr backstage Poel, bagus kok. Tapi loe harus denger Caresent [dari Bandung juga], vokalisnya maen biola juga… keren banget deh Poel

    Rince = Sally Marcelina? Huahahahahaha, BOKEP abissss, hahahahaha… cocok tuh ma dia

  3. Sebenernya kmrn Restless itu udah ada di list band yang bakal maen, tapi entah knp mereka ga jadi maen. Iya gw udah liat website-nya Poel, thanks for the info 🙂

    Taun baru kmrn kemana bang? Met taun baru yah 🙂

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