The Left Eye

The Left Eye is standing
Completely confused for what it is searching
It glances, it winks and it stares

“I can look to the left, but cannot to the right!!”, so it says…

The Left Eye wanders alone in the deep forest
Feel completely incomplete
It feels the missing half-soul
It misses the missing half-love
It can’t wander alone and so it cries…

It wants its other soul, it wants The Right Eye back
Heals its heart that has been cracked
It screams, it falls

The Left Eye is breaking to pieces
Coalescing slowly with the dead fallen leaves
And so it is finally buried under
Alone and wonder…

Why is it dead by its own ego?
And let The Right Eye sadly go?

PS: I can’t wander alone w/o you helping me and so do to you too. So is it that hard to put two different minds in a one-fitted box, side-by-side?


4 thoughts on “The Left Eye

  1. December tremble
    As my heart goes stumble
    Over and over
    Like a stinky little dumber

    December cloudy clammy
    I lay down in rain and it splashes my tummy
    Patters softly within the shading voices
    Dancing dancing for my faith remains hopeless

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