This sorrowed life I failed to embrace
brought me tears I endlessly wept
the dying thirst for love grew
as I dreamt of a goddess
she weaved my bluish veins
and gathered the pieces of my flesh
my heart now beats again
my eyes now wide awaken
but I craved for her more in every moment
My sight filled with her face
the face I once sought to kiss
her skin was pale like the moon
and cold like my blood
her hair was black like death
and soft like an angel’s veil
and in my breath I felt her warmth
impossible to resist
undoubtedly inevitable
Yet slowly I am still dreaming
drowned with my sinful pleasures
but beneath this shadow lies you
my beautiful, tormenting my innocence
when will you lay your hands on me
and take away my sufferings
because if there was a death of a god
will there not be a goddess
to save me again from falling

Created by: Mercurya Gemini
Photo: Iwed


14 thoughts on “Goddess

  1. Gw sudah paham kegilaan abang Memed, Miel…. Kalo ngga dari dulu dia udah gw banned dari Multiply karena bersikap tidak seperti manusia normal pada umumnya. Untungnya yang diajak gila2an sama dia juga orangnya kurang waras [ya gw sendiri]

    Huehehehehe… 😀

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