Meet my new "kids"

I’m so thrilled right now… I just bought two cute turtles in Menteng this lunch-time. My other two friends [Deedee & Nita] were also bought it; a pair for each of us 

Nita named her turtles Abi [male] and Gail [female] based on my idea, so when we spell them altogether it will be “Abigail”. Dee hasn’t put names to her new turtles. I already got mine; Velvet [female] and Blade [male]. I found those two gothic names by googling it. Velvet Gloom as the Gothic name for “Dewi Andriani” [my name], and Blade Nightshade as the Gothic name for Arya Widya Asmara [my boyfriend’s], hohoho…

They’re so cute! I always wanted to have turtles as pet from months ago, apparently I have chance to buy it today. The price is not that expensive, though I believe I could’ve got cheaper prize than this one, regarding I’ve already made some pricing research first in several spots. But anyway, nevermind… These cute little things will be my newest best entertainer… Especially when I miss my Arez, I got another “Arez” here in the blue aquarium to accompany me, lol


10 thoughts on “Meet my new "kids"

  1. Deket Sop Buntut Cut Mutia daerah Menteng. Kalo waktu jum'atan deket2 situ suka ada “Sogo jongkok”, lagi asik2 hunting nemu ini, yasudah dirikuw beli saja 🙂

    Nah lhooo, kalo jenis2 kura2 gitu sih gw blm experienced bro… Apa bedanya emang? Motif rumahnya ya? Gw ngambil yang warna ijo lumut smua tapi yang motifnya beda2, lucu2 deh :p

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