The first timE

Everyone always have their first time in everything; The first breathe, the first blink, the first cry, the first walk, the first word spoken, the first day in school, the first job, the first fight, the first kiss, the first boyfriend/girlfriend, the first break-up, the first sex, the first sickness and lots of other first-times. And now, it’s my first time assigned in my new position – a better yet scarier career with more responsibility and higher risks than before. Already put my left feet there – terrifyingly. Now it’s time to put my other weakened right foot on the same spot next to the left one.

Bismillah… I know I can do it. I have to do it. Mom, pray to Allah for me, will ya? Okay, get ready… My first time!


12 thoughts on “The first timE

  1. Thanks mba… It's gonna be tough but I have to sure that I can do it 🙂

    Pindah ke posisi Executive Secretary for General Director of BNBR. Walaupun educational background-nya bukan sekretaris buanget!! 😦

  2. oooooolweeeeyyysss….!!! It's like falling again and again and you have to feel hurt first before you can successfully run your first bike. After then you'll gonna feel extraordinarily satisfied with what u've achieved :p

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