Pity Hinny Honey

You say this…


Say that


Shit here


Shit there


Spit a bit


Spit a lot


Fart silently


Fart loudly



Even not a single mark left in my spot. Sometimes things I left unsaid about you can be billion times truer than all those speeches you’ve been – kindly though pointlessly – told to people about me. All that matters to you is to let everybody knows what kind of issue you are dealing with at the moment. Let the gong roars and wakes up all people in the midnight, coz the princess wants to whine and shout and they all have to listen and follow the will of the princess like dead zombies with empty stares, rhyming jumps and hands up to their fronts while doing what their master commands. A princess to dead zombies with blackest dreadful souls. To hear, to entertain and to let you alone all by yourself again… anymore.


And you will do it again an again when you feel like to. And again, they will rise up from their graves and do the same old thing to you. And you will end up alone…


And again…




Never can learn, can you Princess?


Pity 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pity Hinny Honey

  1. Setelah sekian lama absen dr MP abang yang satu ini 😀

    Makasih baaaang. Beneran mau loe pacarin bang? Jangan nyesel tapi ya ntar. Gw takut habis ini loe menderita depresi tinggi, huahahahaha…

    *balik ke YM lagi yuk? yuuukk…*

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