Reality bites!

Everything seems to be going so fast to me. Like a series of pictures sliding each by each in front of my eyes without giving me any chance to figure out each meaning of those blurry visualization. Like a wheel rotating in one spot without making any progress to move forward. Every new question occurs even before I can answer the previous one. Every reality comes to me even before I can accept the reality that I was facing in the previous time. Every new silhouette forming even before the previous one has completely vanished.

Sometimes I think life is too difficult to understand and to run. I believe that things happen for reason, though most of the time I couldn’t find any logical answers to questions I’ve wondered about life, my life. I’m facing a complicated life these lately days. Tough, yes… But many of them are the blessing I received from God. But first I have to make quick adaptations first before I could really get into it.

Reality is like my shock therapy. It hurts. It bites. But it can make me get back to my consciousness. Reality is a bittersweet chocolate. Reality is a bottle of red wine. I hate reality and I present my hatred by getting emotionally involved in it. I hate it by needing it. I hate it by getting addicted to it. I hate it by cannot living without it.

Reality and dreams are like separated twins. Sometimes I can’t differentiate between one another. Sometimes I get them twisted. Sometimes I live with both twins, sometimes I live with none of them and sometimes I feel they both take my life away.

To be able to differentiate them I just have one simple thing to feel; the hurter one from the twins is the reality. That is, if you are sane enough to see the difference. And mostly people lost their sanity when facing them.


Reality bites. It has intoxicating fangs that can set the altitude and sharpness by its own.

*The picture is originally painted by Ayo, GELAP’s keyboardist.


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