Secretary Gathering to Cibulan

Last Friday evening me & all Bakrie’s secretaries went to Cibulan at Bakrie’s village to have some secretary gathering. It was held by Mr’Bakrie’s secretary herself; Mrs. Catherine. It was a blasting night. We took a big bird bus at 4 pm on Friday after working hours, arrived there at 6.30 pm, then we had dinner with music accompanying us while we chatted and got to know each other. I made lots of new friends there, I was so excited! Finally we could get to know face to face, when before this event was held, we just know each other by phone when arranging our bosses’ meetings, lol

At night the craziness was about to begin. Regarding that it was a girls-nite-out, we really open up ourselves, show who we really are [no JAIM at all, even for Mrs, Catherine, hahaha]. We sang, danced, laughed, joked, gossiping [sure we did! Hell yeah!] and lots of other fun things. We stayed up all nite till late. I fell to sleep at 3 in the dawn, woke at 5 to take Subuh, slept again and woke up again at 7.30. And then.. hey, there was a pool and whirl pool!! It’s time to swim! hehehe… It was soo refreshing!

Then I took a bath, had lunch and prepare to go home. But first we dropped by to “Macaroni Panggang” at Cisalak to have some Tuna Lasagna. We went home at 3.30 and I arrived home straightly at 6 🙂

So tiring but fun. At least I can release these stressing mind I’ve been buried for a week dealing with work and other filthy stuffs.


14 thoughts on “Secretary Gathering to Cibulan

  1. Reseeee… Biarin aja gw suka ma Miyabi tapi jangan gw dibawa2 dibilang mirip dia dooong. Reputasi neeh! [kaya gw pernah pduli ma reputasi aje sebelumnya. Gw kan ngga ga pernah jaim, apalagi muka dua, huahahahaha…]

  2. Ayo ajaaah, wardrobe sama tukang dandannya udah ada tapi yah, hahahaha… Betewe tmn gw ada yang nawarin gw jd model buat icon distro nya dia. Wardrobe udah ready, gothic abisss!! Uhuyyyy!! Hehehehe….

    Ntr gw loe dandanin ga mirip sama Miyabi tapi mirip Nana Miyabi lagi, cape deeeh 😀

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