OMFG, he’s gay!!

This material contents some adult pictures. Anyone under 18 must not see these!

Soo, the story of how I could take these sexy pictures [haha!] is when I was accompanying Die to finish his deadline at Unggul’s [Ika Amidala’s boyfriend] house in Rawamangun. Unggul is an animal lover. He got snakes, alligator and cats as his pets. One cat had stolen my attention; his name is Chimmo [suddenly I remember Chimmy – one of my brothers, hehehe]. He’s such a spoil lil cat, he likes to come closer to me and seats in my thigh.

Then, there was another cat comin his way. Chimmo started to stare at him, intensely. Sniffing something extraordinary will happen, I hurriedly took my digicam and prepared the lens…

Suddenly, Chimmo attacked the other MALE cat, and he FUCKED him. Yes he did.

A male cat and a male cat [while there was a female cat named Summer inside Unggul’s bedroom, but Chimmo never desires her]. I spontaneously yelled,

“OMG!! He’s gay!!”

Die – been busy listening to Unggul’s explanation about the job that would be assigned to him – looked at them with unbelievably creepy stare and quickly change his staring direction with detest face and said,

“Uuukkkhhhh, yuck!!!!”

While me & Ika amazingly be the only two persons who witnessed the fucking scenes from the beginning till Chimmo got his “Big O”, hahahaha….

So, that’s the way all gays are play.



>>> Sssh, a secret I wanna tell you. Before Unggul took him as a pet, he was been taken care by a beauty saloon, which most of the hair-dressers there… are GAY. Hmmm, I wonder if even an animal could be infected by that kind of sexual orientation ;p


17 thoughts on “OMFG, he’s gay!!

  1. Sudah terbukti bahwa kucing bisa terpengaruh gaya hidup manusia.

    Makanya bang supaya Nero ga jadi kucing gaya kaya Chimmo, maka luruskanlah hidupmu. Berehentilah berhubungan dengan Hellmeed….


  2. busett…ada juga yg kaya gini. Kalo ayam lesbi aku pernah liat, tuh ayam betina bisa berkokok kek ayam jantan trus ngejar2 ayam betina yg lain, untung si betina yg dikejar masih 'straight', dia minta perlindungan ke ayam jantan dan tentu saja si ayam jantan membuktikan siapa jantan sebenarnya, wheww…makin edan saja dunia ini, heheheh

  3. Ahahahaha, kalo Chimmo ini juga aneh. Di sodorin Summer [kucing betina] dia malah mendesis marah gitu ke Summer. Summer ya takut lah trus disimpen aja didalam kamar. Malah Chimmo nyari2in kucing jantan, kalo lagi “lowong” pasti langsung di babat sama dia [Ika yang cerita sama gw] sampe Chimmo-nya cape!

    Hiiiiiy, gw ngeliat sendiri Chimmo ML sama kucing jantan lain, tadinya mau usaha liat gimana Chimmo bisa… u know, did that thing to other male cat. Sayangnya bulunya ketebelan, jadi gw susah ngintip, hahahahaha….!

    Edan banget ya :))

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