Sistahood @Ricebowl, Plaza Semanggi.

Finally, after been separated for like thousand years, I had chance to gather again with my lovely sistahood at Ricebowl, Plaza Semanggi last Monday evening. Sita, one of my sisters, went to Jakarta last week [she’s now registered as Master Degree College at Airlangga University. But unfortunately she feels so miserable there w/o anyone accompanying her. And sure does she miss us, her sisters, hehehe… So she finally re-moved to Jakarta and have found new job here and she canceled her master college] and she called each of us to arrange this meeting.

I’m so missing them a lot. I’ve been crying my tears out every time I remembered them and recalling all happy, sad, anger moments of us at Depok and FISIP UI. They surely are my truest buddies and I hope nothing / no one could separate us, and I’m sure about it. They are true, they are.

Love you so much, my sisters…

*Minus Nisa, coz she’s busy preparing for the big wedding day coming this July.

~ Iwed-Die, Sita, Rani, Dian, Rae-Sidi ~

June 16th, 2008

Ricebowl, Plaza Semanggi


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