Dapurletter photo session.

This photo session took place at two underground distros in Blok.M. Angel, a friend of mine from dapurletter, made an article for dapurletter webzine about underground fashion style for female. I’ve post the link about it in here.

Me, Rinsdark, Ari and Nadia were chosen to be the models. I was still feeling quite odd when doing this photo session thingy, though I have done it several times before by some really amazing photographer, yet I did the session never in the crowd area like what I did this time. Many passer by-es around the location and lots of them stopped by for a while to watch the session. Oh dear I felt so embarrassed! Hahaha… I never that shy to anybody but at that time I felt really really unconfident! But then I joked around to loosen my tensed nerves, and well… I thought the result wasn’t that bad, huh? lol

Do enjoy, as usual 🙂



22 thoughts on “Dapurletter photo session.

  1. Hahahaha, iya ini tadi malem pas mepet mau balik dari kantor. Udah jam.9 malem dan blom selesai bikin prologue nya, makanya tulis “unfinished” aja.

    Hari ini hectic banget, jadi tetep aja blom sempet bikin pengantar, hihihihi… :p

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