Nisa’s wedding party.

Day/Date: Saturday/June 28th, 2008.
Place: Puri Ardhya Grahini, Halim.
Time: 19.00 – 21.00.

prewed Nisa.jpg

Oh God I love the party so much. Not just because I had the chance to gather again with my college buddies, but the party itself was just like what I liked to watch on the cartoon movie, especially Cinderella. And yes, Nisa looked like Cinderella so much, she was DAMN beautiful, wearing white gown with white hair accessories. The decoration was dominated by the colors white and purple. And it was so luxurious! I’m sure all the wedding concept was arranged by Nisa herself, regarding that she is deadly perfectionist in every thing she does.

Her party was like a Cinderella story combined with Public Relations’ reunion! All my best buddies were there, the craziness were there, the happiness were there and we felt like we came back again to the moment where we were going to college together. It was a blasting night, really. And I didn’t go there alone, I didn’t 🙂



20 thoughts on “Nisa’s wedding party.

  1. Haduuu, gw ditanyain beginian [nasib setiap wanita single yang menurut orang2 sudah “umurnya”]

    Hehehehe, lagi loading sist, ntr kalo udah complete loadingannya pasti ngga pake lama deh, bantu doa yah.


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