Against the world.

HE is the only friend I have, I trust and I rely on.



And HE has sent him to this world as my guardian angel.



Thank you, Lord… Thanks for giving me a chance to love and to be loved.






Even if we have to fight the world,


Who’s against us.

18 thoughts on “Against the world.

  1. You don't have any idea of how the world here against us, bro… Sampe semut juga ngga ridho, huehehehe…

    Gw Bismillah aja bang, do what I think is the best for my life. Cuma Allah sekarang yang gw punya, laki gw dia kirim buat bantu gw hadapin semua ini.

    Welcome to the real life, isn't it? 😉

    Makasih untuk doa-nya ya, metal ngga boleh mellow. Apa kata dunia?


  2. I usually use the word “SHE” to definite Allah, hehehe… It's up to each persona what will they call their God. What's the meaning of a name, anyway isn't it? Even Allah has 99 names, hehehe….

  3. hehehhe…..siapa yang mellow?tapi…sekali2 mellow gak papa kan?mellow metal….biarpun mellow tapi masih tetap di lingkaran metal.
    Ok deh,mudah2an DIA mendengar do'a mu…Don't give up the fight….!!! 🙂

  4. Kalo kata salah satu online buddy gw di FS, “Metal bukannya singkatan dari Mellow Total?”

    Huehehehe, jadi siapa bilang metal ngga pernah mellow? Laki gw aja kalo mellow nya lagi kumat ngga kliatan metal sama sekali deh Poel [buka kartu deh ay, maaf yah! hehehe…]

    I'll keep fighting till the last drop of my blood and the last draw of my breath. Thank u, man….

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