Lady is a Vamp.

I have an agreement with my boyfriend, I will teach him English if he teaches me the advanced Photoshop editing [he is so expert in doing it, I’m so jealous! Damn!]. So, after asking him couple of questions about Photoshop editing and downloading this tools and that brushes, I have chance to try working my hands on several photos of mine [I admit, I don’t really busy today at work, hahaha…].

So, after I finished editing some pics, I soon realized that my editing style is becoming a bit similar to his. More or less he has given me inspiration in editing pictures [I now often open his DeviantArt, he puts all his creations there], but of course I don’t lose my own artsy sense as my identity.

I still have to learn MORE about this as it won’t come to an end. Highly need your critics, guys!



Victim: Iwed herself.

Camera: Both cellphone camera and my Casio Digital Camera

Place: My misty sanctuary with a bed in it, lol

Date & Time: Forgot, like I even care 😀


43 thoughts on “Lady is a Vamp.

  1. Hey, it's a special case, brother. I seldom have much time to edit my photos at work. Itu juga gue ngerjain siangnya habis lunch, paginya gw hectic beraat sampe ngga sempet dandan [semua orang nyangka gw sakit, hihihi]


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