Vamp I are.

I am a crazy mind, I am deaf and blind.

I am abstractly defined, I am red as blood and warm as wine.

I live at night, whereas my eyes are open wide.

Even with no scent and light, I still can see where you hide.

I am the moon’s angel, she crumbles when I stumble.

The heat is so flammable, we are so close and mingle.

With my wings I fly, to the earth and sky.

Until the stars are all dry, to then I will fall and cry.

I’m the unwanted shade, they are hoping and wishing me fade.

And no other winter can I create, I let go all of what I should take.

The wind soon to be blowless, the sky goes darkless.

The owls are singing toneless, as the sacred night is remaining pureless.

I am a night owl, my heart is fragile yet peaceful.

I am impulsive and not desiring power, I will soon diminish in an hour.

I show not my existence, when the sun goes persistence.

Daylight is my resistance, so numb and full of hesitation.

I am the wolf’s sound, I wander in unbound.

When the flesh and blood has been found, peacefulness of night is profound.

And there goes the death of her

Taking her lifetime pledge burying under

Her grave.



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