Cancellation hibernation. To the Zoo!!

Last Monday should be my hibernation day, after been extremely exhausted in the previous two days. But then in the morning where I still got very sleepy at my bed, my niece called me and asked me to come and join her to the zoo. Though I was so tired that day, but I fulfilled her request. I missed her too, and who can resist if one pretty little girl ask you hang out with her with cute little begging face anyway?


PS: I LOVE SNAKE!!! Hahaha…


18 thoughts on “Cancellation hibernation. To the Zoo!!

  1. Huehehehehe, dia udah aku kasih liat foto editan kamu ini, terus nyeletuk
    “kok Aufa keluar dari topiii? Itu topinya siapa tantee? Besar sekali, Aufa kan udah besaaar”


  2. I always like snake ever since I do hiking with my hiker buddies to mountains. I saw snake on my way to the mountain peak, the wild one. This one I held is pretty tame, but he's damn heavy! I kept screaming to my brother – who took the picture – to make it fast, coz I couldn't hold it any longer than 15 seconds!


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