Playing God.

Holy men never exist
Not a baby, nor even a priest
They manifest evil in every breath they catch
They experience things and they feed evil thoughts
They are blessed with feeling, brain and senses
They are condemned with hunger, fear and greediness
True and false will be their lifetime enemies
Merit and sin will be their forever worst nightmares
Everything in this world will have its end
But why not to God?
Every creature will choose its path to heaven or hell
But why not to God?
Why God never wants to own what we have,
Though we always want to own God’s power?
Why God never envies us,
Though we are ready to kill and to die to be in His position?
Men never created to feel truly satisfied
Nor even be wholly perfect
But they give rank, they give rate, they give score
They give reward, they give punishment
They judge, they value things and they label things
They establish egocentric thoughts to a form named “law”
Whether it was made unintentionally conscious
Or intentionally unconscious
Law has been said as mass legally compromise
They said it is mass legally agreement
And there they are
They form a new mindset of humankind
Because they judge, innocence exists
Because they value things, the accused appears
They collect power and hide their weaknesses from disclosure
A power with several unbelievable ingredients
It is include a bottle of fear, 10 spoons of passion
A cup of cowardice, a full bundle of stupidity
Mixed with a bowl of polluted brain capacity
They are all mixed up in a pan of money
Burnt in a flame of greediness
That is how law is made
That is how they started to question God
That is how they lose their self-consciousness
That is how phenomenon plays games upon men
Soiled their holiness, ruined their innocence
Screwed their goodness
Where finally some deceiving goodness hide in mask only remain
I started to question myself
Why heaven still has to be there,
If men are all playing God?



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