I hate farewell.

Finally, the day has come…

The day when we have to say “goodbye, dude!” to one of our best colleagues in the office.

The day when we won’t see his face smiling again to us.

The day when we won’t hear him throwing ridiculous jokes in the lunch time.

The day when we not able to yell at his name again between the partition for useless conversations.

Bowo, thank you for everything, for the laugh, the joy, the tears we have shared together at the office – particularly for the last 6 months. We will miss you, Bow..

We do.



16 thoughts on “I hate farewell.

  1. Waduh, ini malah minimalis banget! Karena gue mepet banget ngedit2in foto-foto mereka ini [ngasihnya baru 30 menit sebelum kartu ini dikirim ke si penerima A.K.A Bowo]

    Beneran deh ngga puas explorasinya, tapi daripada ngga ada sama sekali, ya ngga :p

    Thanks btw ^___^

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