Breaking fasting with Cokelat.

This Monday Cokelat, Cokelat Management and Bintang Cokelat held breaking fasting together in the new Cokelat’s office at Pangeran Antasari, South Jakarta. After more than a year I haven’t hang out with them [since I did my final paper], yesterday finally I could meet them again. Updating each other’s stories and making new friends with the new Bintang Cokelat [Hff, there are lots of newcomers there that I haven’t known. What a long time…].

Do enjoy. And like what Edwin said – repeatedly – to not to forget requesting Cokelat’s songs on the radio [Err, I myself haven’t buy their newest album yet. Ihiks, sorry, guys! I will I will, okay].

Do enjoy.



30 thoughts on “Breaking fasting with Cokelat.

  1. HAHAHAHAHAH! sekian lama salah satu personil Gelap temenan ama anak2 COKELAT, tapi myspace GELAP blom ngeadd2 COKELAT's Myspace, gw udah add tuh,.smsin Mbak Kikan dkk buat dengerin lagu2 kita,.jadikan COKELAT a DARK CHOCOLATE,.lols! \m/

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