Sometimes people – stupidly – claim something that does not belong to them as their own. For example, this one pathetic shit is trying to take over one life that is not his. My deep condolence for his dead stinky rotten brain and soul. Screw you, asshole! The one life that you are trying to take is MINE!!!


MINE!! MINE!! And only belongs to ME!!

F U !!!





26 thoughts on “Mine!

  1. Ini buat pencet2 tengah hidung kamu, trus habis itu muka kamu meringis, trus habis itu bawaanku pasti mau nyium mulu

    Hehehehe… Iya deh turun deh jarinya
    *jadi anak manis*

    Asal jadi dicium yah πŸ˜€
    [ini gue lagi marah apa libido emang lagi naik yah? ciuman mulu pikiran gue, hahahahaha….]

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