I closed my eyes and I called Your name. You came in a second, then we talked. I said I need You, and I thought You have left me. You said I’m stupid and asked me whether You’ve had abandoned me. I said I miss You and I miss mom, You answered You miss me too and my mom misses me even more. I said I’m getting older, You said I’m getting wiser. I said no, You said believe me. I mourned to think that I’m one year closer to meet You. You asked me if I indeed not desiring to meet you. That’s not what I meant, I answered. I’m afraid I’m not ready yet, You said no one is ready to meet You, and You convinced me that You’re not that frightening. I laughed, You smiled. I said You must be undoubtedly beautiful, You answered You would prefer to be said  forever indescribable.

I said thank you for willing to talk with me, You said I’m one of Your creations, You should and shall always stick your eyes on me. I sobbed, You said don’t cry. I smiled, You said “Happy birthday, go blow your 24 liquid candles. No need to do the make-a-wish ritual, I already knew yours. Cheers, human”

November 15

26 thoughts on “24.

  1. Idup gw bae. Kalopun ancur, ..yaahh.. harus bs dibangun lagi kan.
    Sedih juga, kemarin abis kehilangan satu sodara. Pdhl masih 23 tahun. Kasian…
    Sedih..seneng… Idup mang macem2 ya rasanya !!
    Tapi moga2 hidup kita diberkahi & banyk senengnya ya.. Amiiin !!

  2. Yes, life is that funny.. and God has mysterious ways upon our lives. Just remember to always feel grateful everyday for what you've got, brother… Loosing someone we love is never a cheerful moment. But what comes from Him, goes back to Him, aight?

    My deep condolence for your beloved relative, my God bless his/her soul…

    Stay smile 🙂

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