dead blue.

[040409 — I would rather live halfly with half of me half of you rather than living a fully me without half of you filling half of me.]


Never been realized what I have

Till that night… an excruciating splash burst

Even nightmare wasn’t likely a sober

Got my hand swinging and reaching nothing

My heart is a bloodcurdling pounding a thousand echoed rhymes

I couldn’t blocked your vivid figure through my wretched mind

You were soft, dark and you were a lie

Cause you would never wave your hand to me and said goodbye

Wouldn’t imagine a self of mine without a self of yours

My billowy hatred is too much for a single life and your billowy love is too tempting to be ignored

Don’t let this line broken… begging you

Wouldn’t imagine myself grouting in the corner

Trying to needlessly re-link the line, my hopeless blood vessel

I would whimper in my crawl if you wish

Than not to have you, I shall perish

I would stab my essence to the bottom like you want

Than not to hold you, there’s nothing I would hold to stand

My color is all about dead blue

My dream is all about coming true

My life is all about changing through

Myself is all about you



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