Honeymoon Backpackers.

We’re not on the honeymoon, we’re on our adventurous trip to Bandung.

No friends, no families, no road guidance… nothing.

It’s just us.. and it’s just more than enough.


~ deathlust.inc ~

Location: Mampang, Gading, Kranji & Bandung

Visit our website –> http://deathlustinc.com


18 thoughts on “Honeymoon Backpackers.

  1. Thanks, dearest.. No I haven't. I still have to resize the pics coz their size are too big. I'm working on our engagement pics right now… hopefully they all could be uploaded by tomorrow 🙂

  2. We could go to the moon… in a different way, hehehe

    Btw, thanks udah mau dateng sama Nena kemarin ya, appreciate it a lot. We should meet together [the four of us] again next time. I'll arrange it with Nena, if you don't mind 🙂

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