Secretary Gathering 2009

Again, on Friday, July 31 afternoon, Bakrie’s secretaries gathered together in two shuttle bus, 3 cars and some personal cars in front of Wisma Bakrie 2 (one in Wisma Mulia) to prepare to go to Bandung. We were going to have secretary gathering this year there.

Overall, the gathering went well, though last year we got more participants than this year, but it all didn’t affect the craziness we made, lol

On saturday morning, we went to Rumah Mode to go shopping (but of course!), and had lunch at Rumah nenek. In the afternoon the secretaries were heading to Jakarta, but I, Puput & Nita extended our stay, we would have another party coming in, it was Siska’s farewell party (She has resigned from office last month). So we went back to Rumah Mode to continue our weekend journey. We met Siska, Anggi, Dhea, Dali and Tessa there.. waiting them shopping. Then we had dinner in The Peak (Anggi couldn’t join for some urgent matter). Other three people; Bu Dian, Tata and Anna caught us up there. So there were 10 of us staying another night at Bandung. This time we stayed over at Beverly Town Hills, not far from The Peak. We ate, laughed and chitchatted to update any news, either important or rubbish, hahahaha

On Sunday morning, we checked out from the hotel and started to hunt some food (yeah, it was all about collecting fat, baby!!). First we went to eat Mie Kocok, then we bought some cakes and snacks to be given to the loved ones at Jakarta. Last direction was Yogurt Cisangkuy.. We ate a lot there! (O gosh!). Then at 4 pm we went back home (I shamelessly asleep in the car until we arrived at Jakarta).

It was tiring (absolutely) yet so fun! Thanks all, thanks to Secretary gathering committees for willing to give their time preparing all this and to all friends in Siska’s farewell trip… Such a great time gals… 😉

Now, BTW (Back To Work) !!

~ G ~


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