My pre-wedding pictures.

These are my invitation layout and also the calender pictures for my wedding souvenir. a bit late for upload them but the hell, lol

Thanks for SeaGate80kg for taking and editing our pre-wedding pictures and for making our online invitation for us (you rock, dude!)

Date: Oh shoot I really fucking forget it x)
Location: Anywhere in Bekasi (uhh..hmm..oh yeah, Proyek! that’s the name, lol)
Taken by: SeaGate80kg

~ G ~


8 thoughts on “My pre-wedding pictures.

  1. Ini juga udah dengan perjuangan darah dan air mata (lebay) mba, hehehe… Ngga ding. Sebenernya ini hasil kompromi aku sama mama. Mama mengharuskan aku pake adat Minang, aku nya lobby untuk prewed, souvenir sama undangan boleh dengan gaya sendiri, akhirnya sama ortu dibolehin. Uh senangnya, hehehehe…

    Thanks ya mba 🙂

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