Rating: ★★★★
Category: Movies
Genre: Action & Adventure

When watching this movie with Die, Nena, Rully and their other two friends, it was already late at night. We got the ticket for 10 pm screening and some of us (or maybe all) were already got tired after a long day of work. But still, we were quite exciting to watch 2012.

About the movie so many people were (and are still) talking about. Hmmm…I think I don’t have to put any review here as I pretty sure that you all have known the story provided. It is about the world disaster that occurs in December 21, 2012. Disaster everywhere; earthquake and tsunami. It happened because the movement of the earth’s crust. Almost all living creatures cannot survive from this “world end”, as The Mayan – one of the oldest tribes in the world – had predicted about the doomsday, where in the end they were told to do a mass suicide before the doomsday came.

Well, this movie pictures not about the doomsday of the universe, but only for the world. A few who survives, yes. But still, there are still humans alive at the end of the movie, there is regeneration, there is still a continuous life in the world as the disaster had finally come to an end.

So please, do not take this movie so seriously that you will spend your 3-year life ahead with gloomy and scary feeling to know that the doomsday is coming (unless you’re a Mayan). For me, not even one thing can even slightly describe the doomsday like what have been written in the Holy Qur’an. Only Allah SWT who knows exactly when, what date and what time the doomsday will come to the universe and He is the One who knows what the doomsday will look like.

In my opinion, MUI has gone too far by trying to ban the movie, like it shows how superficial their thoughts are. And that is true. Have you heard about the movie “Air Terjun Pengantin” that is coming this Dec 3rd?

How come they banned an educating movie like 2012 while they letting go such a rubbish movie like “Air Terjun Pengantin”?

Tsss, Indonesians!!

~ G ~

6 thoughts on “2012

  1. Jenglot Perkosa Kuntilanak itu lho yang bikin gue ngakak. Kok masih ada ya orang Indonesia yang mau digoblokin sama tontonan sampah begituan? Ktauan gue nonton Tawa Sutra deh, liat Budi Anduk ngocol masih lebih bikin seger 😀

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