Back then…

When we were young…


Everything felt so hard, everything felt so complicated.

It felt like we were facing the hardest phase in our lives as we were growing up

Everything felt like against us, we felt like fighting the world alone

But when we were fall in love, everything was a hundred times more beautiful

Everything felt easier, when we were around the best ones

Tears became laughter, downs became ups, and problems became jokes

Everything was united with the best ones besides us

Nothing to be afraid of, we got those shoulders to lean on

They’d be with us anytime, anywhere, any day…

Everything seemed colorful as all colors could never fully represent the lives of us

Back then, present.


When we were young, we’d say it’s a tough life to face

But when we are gathering now

We’ll say it was THE BEST time in our lives

For the sake of past, present and future

We were bound by hands back then

We are binding by friendship till now

And, we will keep binding by hearts for… ever.



I love you, my best ones.

*on a high need of a REAL TOUCHABLE AND HUGABLE girls of mine. She wishes that she could turn back time*


~ G ~


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