Die alone — Another photo editing.


You can also see the pic in this link

My husband gave me some photo editing tutorial for me to learn. The tutorial is about adjusting color between the background and the object/model so somehow both can be looked merged. It’s actually for the beginner (like me, heheh…), and yeah, didn’t find any difficulties in learning it :p

I was bloody hell crowd from this morning till afternoon. I started editing this one from 5 pm and finished precisely when Adzan Isya was reverberating.

Really wanna try the other tutorial that’s even harder. It’s more complicated. So it’s about combining numbers of different background into one merged background. I’ve seen the tutorial and it looks difficult, LOL

Gonna find a time on weekend. Hopefully my husband does not have any designing deadline for his work on weekend.

Have anything to say and to share? Be pleased, as usual šŸ™‚

~ G ~


8 thoughts on “Die alone — Another photo editing.

  1. Thanks, Utheee ^___^

    Hahahaha, gw juga nyerah tuh kalo nge-crop pake link web yang loe kasih. Emang lebih enak pake CS4 langsung.

    Kalo mau nge-crop yang halus itu pake polygonal lasso. Udah coba?

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