BNBR’s Outing 2010 — Look at me, I’m HUGE! LOL

Haven’t seen me and my narcissistic pictures again on Multiply? Hehehe, now you can see it. So far until now, I have gain more or less 12 kilos since the first month of my pregnancy  My pregnancy now is entering week 28, or approximately 7 months.

Do I look HUGE? For sure… Hahaha. I once ever lost my self confidence becoz of this rapid weight gaining, yet Alhamdulillah it did not last long. We are now having SIX pregnant ladies in my office (Hear! Hear!). I’m the third oldest on the pregnancy age. The first and the second oldest (named Phipi and Tini) are in their “week of giving birth” now, they’re counting days (huhuhu.. so cute!). After me, there is a 7-month lady named Ranti, and there is Gina, 5-month and the last one is Widya, a new mommy-to-be (her pregnancy is only a month).

Anywaaay, though we’re carrying a fragile living thing called embryo in our tummies, yet none of us rejected to participate on Bakrie & Brothers outing this year. This year’s outing was to Lembang, Bandung. We stayed over a night at Putri Gunung Cottage.

Lots of fun games and team management games there. Unfortunately we could not join in most of the games. I felt a bit jealous seeing my other colleagues playing with Jeeps and going offroad (damn!), having a fun aerobic in the morning, did a “chicken run” game and other stuffs *teary*.

It did not matter, however… I still could have fun on my own there, LOL

So, I hope you will have fun too seeing my HUGE body with my healthy metally Kriwil inside my tummy LOLs.

Lots of good pics are still upcoming from AYO Multi Kreasi (the event organizer). Will upload more of them soon as the pics have been sent.

~ G ~

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