Recalling the good old times.

Date  : Sept 15, 2010
Place: Mr. Pancake, Setiabudi Building

Old friends of mine contacted me the day before and invited me to gather together at Setiabudi. I chose Mr. Pancake as our meeting point, regarding that the place is so cozy and homey so my son will feel comfy during our chitchatting there.

They were my good friends 5 years ago at college. When things became awkward for some misunderstanding, we got separated for years and this year – Alhamdulillah – we can gather together again in the beauty of Ied Fitr, a month full of forgiveness.

No awkward situation came up that day. Only laughter and recalling the good old times back then at college. Such a quality time we had 🙂

Btw, Happy Ied Mubarak, everyone. Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin. Have a merry life!



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